Podcast: Pitching Yourself and Your Writing

Podcast: Pitching Yourself and Your Writing


Most of the time on this podcast, we’re talking about writing itself. The craft, how to do more of it, how to challenge yourself with your words… but sometimes we also all really want our words to land somewhere besides our own blog or social media feed. And that’s where pitching comes in.

How do we pitch ourselves and our writing to publications -- hopefully for cash money? And how do we get past the fear of hitting “submit” on that essay or pitch when it’s something we really, really, want to hear “yes” to? We snagged pitching expert Anna Quinlan to chat with us about this. Anna is a part-time freelance writer and copywriter, part-time pilates instructor, full time sales rep, mom to two boys, ages 6 and 8, wife to a super dad, nature and fitness lover, and very, very tired.

You can find Anna on Twitter, Instagram, or on her website.

Our prompt:

To be an interesting writer it helps to do interesting things. That thing you want to do but are nervous about (that has “nothing to do with writing”)? Do that thing. LIVE a story and THEN write a story.

Our submission idea for you:

PopSugar Moms recently rebranded as PopSugar Families. They put out a ton of content and it gets a lot of eyeballs, and has great name recognition to give you street cred for other publications.

Our quote we shared:

“Ready is a myth and fear is a liar. Just start.” - Jon Acuff

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