Podcast: Staying True to Your Brand with Ashlee Gadd

In this world of online publishing, a lot of us are building a “brand” as much as we are a career. We know the idea of being a brand vs. being a person online gets a lot of attention, some of it quite negative. But it’s a fact that you become known for what you post about, and those posts shape what people expect to see from you in the future. 

We wanted to chat with Ashlee Gadd about what it has looked like to build the C+C brand -- a true extension of her heart -- and how she keeps from branching out in too many different directions at once. If you’d like to find Ashlee online, you can do that on her personal blog, photography website, or on Instagram. We also had Ashlee on the podcast earlier to talk about planning a creative retreat. You can listen to that episode here