welcome to the intersection
of motherhood + creativity


A place for mothers to catch their breath, and breathe life into one another.

We believe women are intrinsically creative beings, but often put their artistic ambitions on the shelf when they have children. Exhale is a monthly membership community designed to empower women to pursue creativity alongside mothering,
for the enrichment of both experiences.

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Who Are We?


Exhale is a monthly membership community for women who believe motherhood and art can coexist.

We are writers and makers and dreamers and storytellers. We believe in spreading hope, encouraging one another in our creative gifts, and carving out space to make beautiful things in the midst of raising children.

“At the end of last year, I felt God nudging me to start writing and to get creativity back into my life. As a working mother, I had no idea where I would find the time or the inspiration. A friend passed along this course and instantly I knew this was meant for me. It is true what they say about the birthing of a passion—no matter how exhausted I feel, I stay up late devouring the content.”
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$15 / month gets access to:

-Creativity Lessons
-Writing Resources + Prompts
-Creative Exercises
-Artist Interviews
-Monthly book club
-Blog hops
-Private Slack Group
-Private Facebook Group
-Discounts in the Creative Marketplace

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