Podcast: Making Sacrifices for Your Creativity with April Hoss

Podcast: Making Sacrifices for Your Creativity with April Hoss

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We all want more time to spend on our art. And quite often, that doesn’t seem possible. We’ve all got jobs, families that need us, kids that interrupt our precious alone time… it can be really hard to figure out what to let go of in order to pour into yourself creatively.

In this episode of the Exhale Podcast, we’re chatting with C+C writer April Hoss. April is a homeschooling mom of four kids who are ages 5 and under (woah), is married to a doctor with an unpredictable work schedule, and has somehow managed to write a novel in the last handful of years anyway. She joined us to chat about what she thinks is worth sacrificing for your creative work (hint: it’s probably social media!), what isn’t worth it, and how she joined the C+C team after internet stalking Ashlee Gadd for several years. You can find April on Instagram when she isn’t taking a social sabbatical, something she recommends everyone do at least once per year.

Things we talked about:

This Macklemore quote April saw on Spotify: “It’s important for me to put being a human first and the music second. If you put the music first and try to be human second, that’s when the art suffers.”

April’s essays on Coffee + Crumbs, but specifically Bad Math.

April encouraged us all to go follow Ruth Chou Simmons so she can tell us we’re growing even if we aren’t blooming right now, and April’s real-life friend Lindsay Puder who shares life-coaching wisdom over on Instagram.

Our writing activity for you:

Make sure you have a tangible book on your nightstand and one you can be listening to at all times. Also, there needs to be a notebook and pen in your diaper bag or car, and take a look at your calendar: is there one month you can take a sabbatical from social media this year? If you are reading great books and taking notes all the time, you are growing as a writer. If you are taking time to quiet the number of voices around you, you can more clearly hear your own -- or your characters’.

Our quote we shared:

“You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.” - Michaelangelo (maybe, but even if not, it’s still inspiring!)

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