May: We're Better Mothers Together

May: We're Better Mothers Together


No one has eyes to see the burdens we carry quite like those walking alongside us. I was reminded of this when my friend met me at my car last weekend, offering to carry something. She’d invited us to an Easter egg hunt and potluck with her church, knowing I was solo-parenting for the weekend. And a few days before, our daughters were blowing bubbles into their chocolate milk during a lunchtime playdate at my house, making the hours to bedtime pass a little more quickly while her husband was out of town.

These small ways of reaching out make us better, show us we are not alone.


This month, we’re sharing our theme with the C+C Mother’s Day Brunch: “We’re Better Mothers Together,” because, honestly, it can’t be said enough. Write a tribute to the women in your life who are making motherhood better—who are making you a better mother—just by their presence.

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April: Rewrite the Script

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