April: Rewrite the Script

April: Rewrite the Script



You've heard the same lines over and over again. Ominous warnings hissed as you push your double stroller around the park. Cautionary tales whispered near the conveyer belt at the grocery store.

"Enjoy every second."
"Just wait; it gets harder."

You see the posters at the doctor's office.

"Breast is best."

Your well-meaning family member notices the bags under your eyes with a curious stare.

"Sleep when the baby sleeps."

From the moment we enter motherhood, we are offered scripts and narratives to guide us. Sometimes the intention is innocent, but other times these words are simply offered to fill the silence.

Today we want you to rewrite the script. What is the something you have heard over and over and over again that doesn't ring true or possible? Write your own version. Give us a new narrative.

May: We're Better Mothers Together

May: We're Better Mothers Together