Podcast: Preparing for the Next Season of Creativity

Podcast: Preparing for the Next Season of Creativity

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As mothers, we go through many different seasons in our lives: expecting that child, either through pregnancy or adoption, those getting-to-know-each-other days when everything is new, and someday we’ll walk through sending kids off into college or out of the nest and wonder how it all went so fast. There’s something really special about the time you spend anticipating a new life change… but there can also be a bit of dread of what that life stage might do to your life -- especially to your creative rhythms. We’re chatting today about what it looks like to intentionally prepare yourself for a new season of creativity. 

A resource we shared: 

In this episode of The Next Right Thing Podcast, Emily P. Freeman talks about working with theme days for her work to make sure she stays on track with her work and that it doesn’t burn her out. 

Our prompt for you: 

Do you have a defining “different” coming up in your life that you are looking forward to -- or dreading? If so, name it. And then write down three things you can do to prepare for that upcoming season. Then write for yourself what you think you’ll need to hear once you’re actually in it, a mantra of sorts to keep you going when it gets tough. 

Our quotes we shared with you: 

“This is the season for letting go… making room for what is new, and opportunities to grow.” - Morgan Harper Nichols 

“This is the season she will make beautiful things. Not perfect things but honest things that speak to who she is and who she is called to be.” - Morgan Harper Nichols 

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