Podcast: Tips To Recharge Your Creative Juices

Podcast: Tips To Recharge Your Creative Juices



Now that you’re done listening, we hope you feel inspired, recharged, and ready to tackle your current or next creative project.

You can see how Ashlee put “do something different” to work when she created an art installation with leaves on her dining room wall.

Our quote we shared with you:

“Creative isn’t the way I like to think, it’s the way I like to live.” - Paul Sandip

Our writing prompt: Do something different. If you’re stuck in a creative project, do something out of your normal routine. From reading poetry instead of fiction, to taking a spin class instead of going for a run, baking a cake instead of taking pictures, watercolor instead of writing. Be intentional. And if you don’t have a normal routine, or you don’t know what might un-stick your creative rut, we suggest you go for a walk. Just walk. A slow down, let-your-mind-wander kind of walk. Breathe. It may feel pointless, but practice simply letting yourself BE. The intention is to make space in order for creativity to find you when it’s ready.

Submissions are always open at Mamalode! They publish short features, photography, lists, and more, so check out their submissions page for more information.

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