Podcast: When Someone Else Writes Your Book with Sarah J. Hauser

Podcast: When Someone Else Writes Your Book with Sarah J. Hauser


In this episode, we’re chatting with Sarah Hauser and together we’re diving into a topic that affects every creator on some level: what do you do when someone else makes or releases something that you yourself have been working on? We also take some time to learn about when Sarah joined the C+C team, when she gets her creative work done, and how that has changed as she and her husband have added children to their family.

Sarah lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Colson, preschool twins, Elijah and Isabel, and their one-year-old, Josiah. Sarah used to work in the nonprofit world, but now she stays at home with her crew and writes about food, faith, creativity, and motherhood on her blog. She’s been working on a book proposal this last year, but just saw another book launch for the very topic she wants to write about. We chat with her about how this discovery made her feel, what she’s doing to push past it, and what’s next on her book-writing journey.

You can find Sarah online at sarahjhauser.com, or at Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, and make sure to sign up for her monthly email newsletter, which Sarah says is her favorite thing to write.  

Things We Talked About:

To see Sarah’s original Instagram post that sparked this very conversation, head over here.

The crux of Sarah’s book concept is similar to a blog post she shared over at The Rabbit Room in this post. She’s also written at the Rabbit Room about grief during the holidays here.

Sarah shared with us her very first recipe that she ever did for Coffee + Crumbs: Sweet Potato, Sausage & Apple Bake. She also reminded us all to make a double batch of anything and everything possible to help out a busy night later on. The night we chatted, she pulled this Sausage & Bean Stew out of the freezer so that she could focus on getting out the door to record with us instead of fussing over dinner.

Our Prompt:

Food is so sensory: it lends itself really well to writing. Do you have a family favorite recipe or mealtime tradition? Or is there a meal from your past that’s memorable for either good reasons or bad? Invite your reader to the table with you and write the story behind that meal.

Our Submission Idea:

Sarah really enjoys submitting to The Rabbit Room, a site that focuses on the intersection of theology and creativity. They don’t have a word count limit, so she finds that she can submit longer pieces there that might not find a home elsewhere on the internet. If that sounds interesting to you, their full submission guidelines can be found at: about.rabbitroom.com/submissions.

Our Quote We Shared:  

“Is the most important thing that the message gets out, or that I get to be the one to say it?” - Sarah J. Hauser

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