Podcast: Bringing Creativity to Motherhood

Podcast: Bringing Creativity to Motherhood


We spend so much time trying to get efficient at mothering so we can be creative. Here, we're hoping to help everyone get a little more creative in their mothering. In this episode, Abbie basically interview Sonya about how she keeps her four kids (ages 12-almost 5) engaged in creative ways with the world around them. Sonya also mentions some activities and supplies that have helped them in the past, but don’t walk away from this episode with an activity to-do list you aren’t excited about! Instead, let your reaction guide you: “Oh! I have that. Oh! I like that.” Tune into those ideas. Do those first. Happy creating!

Resources we talked about:

Anna Jordan says: Parent into your personality.

We share a Mom Hack in the Coffee + Crumbs newsletter most months. A few months ago, Ashlee shared her “Art Hour” mom hack where she and her boys all sit down at the table and do art in that hour before dinner. If you don’t get the newsletter, sign up here!

Sonya recommended all sorts of quick and easy activity-makers, like bath crayons, bath tabs, pipe cleaners, and that big roll of paper you can get from IKEA.

When her kids were younger, Sonya’s go-to activity inspiration was The Artful Parent.

Abbie follows Busy Toddler on Instagram for quick activity ideas.

Sonya instituted “reading time” over the summer. Everyone in the house sits down with books and reads. That’s it. Sonya said she usually got at least 10 minutes of quiet reading time out of all four kiddos!

Sonya also liked MOMS Club when her kids were smaller. You can find your chapter here.

Our prompt we shared with you:

What do you love? What do you want your kids exposed to? To experience? Think on that and use it to help guide you as you plan your adventures and weeks in the New Year.

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