September: Write Anyway

September: Write Anyway

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Our September Blog Hop prompt is inspired by the wise words of Madeline L’Engle in Walking on Water (our book club pick this month!). She reminds us to write anyway … even when:

- It feels impossible. “God is always calling on us to do the impossible.”

- It asks too much of us. “the artist… must be obedient to the command of the work, knowing that this involves long hours of research, of throwing out a month’s work, of going back to the beginning, or, sometimes, scrapping the whole thing.”

- We don’t feel like it. “We must work every day, whether we feel like it or not; otherwise, when it comes time to get out of the way and listen to the work, we will not be able to heed it.”

- We don’t feel qualified. “I did learn that I didn’t need to be qualified according to the world’s standards in order to write my stories. It was far more likely my total lack of qualifications that turned me to story to search for meaning and truth.”

What must you confront and overcome in order to write? Why do you write anyway, even though it’s hard?

Blog Hop Timeline:

Friday, August 6th: Post your google doc draft to #writing channel in Slack for feedback (optional)

Wednesday, September 11th: Post draft URL due - check #writing for the Google Form link

Thursday, September 12th: Links to the “next post” will be sent via Slack and email. Add the link into your post and make sure your post is scheduled to go live at 8am EST Friday.

Friday, September 13th: Blog Hop goes live! Time to read, comment, and celebrate! Don’t forget to drop your link on the Friday Share Thread in our Facebook group.

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