July: Measuring Up

July: Measuring Up


Sonya’s lesson on success challenges us to identify and perhaps reconsider our measuring stick for creative work. It’s easy to feel discouraged when our words don’t generate the number of clicks, likes, or shares we want.

Many of us bring the same energy into our mothering.

As Sonya says, “We want to be better, we want to grow, we want to have a clear purpose. We want someone else to acknowledge our work and its worth.”

What measuring sticks are you using in your life? Do you compare yourself with your own mother, your best friend, someone you follow on Instagram? When you need someone to acknowledge the work you are putting into managing your home, loving your family, following your dream - where do you turn? Does what you find there fill you up or tear you down? How are you measuring up?

Post URLs due on Slack Wednesday, July 10th; July Blog Hop goes live on Friday, July 12th.

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