Writing with Purpose Workshop // Starts October 7, 2019

Writing with Purpose Workshop // Starts October 7, 2019

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In this workshop we'll explore your reasons for writing in this season of your life, identify goals, discuss common fears, and how all of this helps you to know what (and how, and where, and sometimes even when) to write.

Together we will:

*spend time identifying personality traits, values, and the life experiences that make you uniquely qualified to write beyond the pages of your journal
*try different writing styles to solidify your authentic voice
*improve craft using writing exercises and prompts
*address why we don’t write: those fears or excuses that keep us from doing what we love
*explore options for publication and advice on the submission process

In this five-week workshop, you can expect:

*robust weekly lessons with writing prompts emailed to you in PDF form starting on the first day of the workshop, and every week for a total of four weeks
*admission into an active private online forum: a place for Q&A, exclusive access to instructor,  support and feedback, and the opportunity to build writing connections/community
*a focused mission statement for your writing
*the option to participate in one small group (3 students: 1 instructor) video calls
*full edits on up to two 800-1200 word essays

Week 1: Permission to Write
Week 2: Authenticity
Week 3: Pushing Past Fear
Week 4-5: Publishing, goal setting, a little bit of dreaming, finish up your writing

Dates: October 7-November 11, 2019

Number of spots available: 6

What women are saying about Sonya's workshop: 

"If I could sum up what this workshop was to me in three words, those words would be: clarity (of purpose in writing), community, and craft (tools, exercises, and prompts to help me become a better writer). Sonya was a fantastic coach through and through and offered such great guidance, edits, and resources throughout the course. This workshop was exactly what I needed to move forward in my writing journey, and I'm so excited to be part of the EXHALE community to continue that creativity journey!" - Ruth G.

"Before enrolling in Sonya's workshop, I struggled to find confidence in my writing, because I didn't know why I was writing. Sonya's exercises challenged me to go to the hard places and write my heart." - Stephanie H.

"Sonya's workshop really helped me examine the reason why I write, and helped me practice writing about the hard stuff. I walked away feeling like I had a deeper understanding of why I write, and of writing as a craft." - Cara S.

“I loved this workshop! I looked forward to getting each week's lesson and reading through the activities and prompts. It was thoughtfully designed, and the exercises both challenged me and helped me grow as a writer. Sonya did a great job of creating an environment where I felt safe to share my writing, and her feedback on my pieces was a good mix of encouraging words and constructive criticism.” - Emily B.

"This workshop was amazing! The lessons were so well thought out and easy to follow. I had always wanted to write but felt daunted and overwhelmed by how to start. This workshop has given me the tools to make it doable and enjoyable. Sonya is so supportive and knowledgeable. She is an amazing, nurturing resource for someone beginning their writing journey." - Chrissy M.

”Before Sonya’s workshop, I struggled to articulate clearly why I was writing. Through the exercises and time spent in this workshop I now can define my why, which, in turn, means my writing is stronger. I felt supported every step of the way through this course and the materials will continue to provide me with food for thought for quite some time. I would recommend this workshop to anyone seeking out their why, or looking to take their writing to the next level.” - Deva C. 


Sonya Spillmann lives in the DC area with her husband and four kids. She's a critical care nurse by training and a writer at heart. She is a motherless mother who believes in the power of hard questions and honest answers. (She also believes in the power of red lipstick, a good laugh, and Jesus.) She started her blog, Spilling Over, after being cast in DC's LTYM 2015 show

You can read Sonya's C+C essays here