Writing Intensive with Callie Feyen

Writing Intensive with Callie Feyen

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Dates: This course runs for six weeks upon purchase.

Participants can take this course whenever they’d like. At sign up, participants will tell Callie what their goal is, and she will design six specific lessons, exercises, and/or reading assignments uniquely geared toward setting a foundation in order to reach that goal.

How It Works: First, Callie will contact participant via e-mail to ask what it is they’d like to work on; then, she’ll prepare writing and reading assignments based on that goal. These assignments will be given every other day, and participants will receive six total lessons with two edits from Callie. Want to learn to write better dialogue? Start a fitness and storytelling blog? Write a book? Callie will craft a one-of-a-kind course that allows participants to take steps toward their dreams without being overwhelmed by “the big picture.”

What You Can Expect: Individual attention, pep-talks, advice, and guidance on a one-on-one basis, assignments and activities based on your specific dreams and goals. Participants will receive a catered course that will build a foundation for the writing goal they plan to achieve. Participants will also design a Reader's Notebook to go along with their study and work during this six- week course. The notebook will allow them to take note of great writing and how it works, as well as build a toolbox for tips and tricks as they develop their writing practice. Callie will also schedule one phone call during the course.

What women are saying about Callie’s Intensive:

“I took Callie's Intensive because I was stuck. I had a lot of ideas but wasn't actually writing. Callie intuitively "heard through the noise" and created a personalized workshop that transformed my writing. Through her customized assignments, she helped me brainstorm multiple projects effectively, organize my ideas with intention, identify goals, and provided motivation to get into the actual work of writing. Not only did Callie help me navigate some very cloudy waters, but she also offered insightful feedback and invaluable edits on an essay written during this workshop. Whether you want to start a blog, submit an essay into a certain type of publication, write a book, or—if you are more like I was—a writer who found herself unanchored and unsure, I can't recommend Callie's workshop enough. She is a gifted teacher with a passion for equipping writers to step towards their goal with confidence.” - Sonya, DIY Writing Intensive Participant

I took Callie's course because I had an idea that I decided to bring to fruition and needed help determining how to shape it and turn it from idea into reality. I wanted to start a blog about reading with your children that was more than just a collection of what books to read and why, but also shared how books shaped my life and how I am using books and reading to shape my days with my son. Callie helped me through customized assignments to brainstorm multiple blog posts, which I now have drafted and scheduled to share on my blog, Everything in the Middle, the idea of which was planted in her Creating in the Everyday workshop. Not only did she provide customized assignments, she also gave me valuable feedback that helped me see that my writing voice had value, and that this project I've undertaken has worth beyond my hard drive. Additionally, her emails kept me motivated to keep writing, even when I felt my well had run dry. Whether you want to submit an essay, begin a book, or, like me, start a blog, I cannot recommend this intensive enough. Callie will work with you to take you from idea to reality and help you shape your writing dreams, whatever they may be. - Deva, DIY Writing Intensive Participant

Callie's innate genius is that she is able to see the stories, and the book, that is already there, draw it out gently - even when it's scary (maybe especially when it's scary) - and offer form and function that could otherwise be lost in the shuffle of life, fear, and lack of confidence. Each interaction was way more tailored than I could have ever hoped, and Callie offers herself, her knowledge, and her coaching generously to the experience. Not only did I generate a book outline and several chapters, but probably most importantly, the confidence I will write this book. - Lacey, DIY Writing Intensive Participant

Callie Feyen's Intensive met me right where I was as a writer, and then helped me raise the bar. We addressed my goals at the beginning of the workshop, and each week she tailored writing and reading exercises that stretched my skills. Along the way, Callie looked at my work with a keen editorial eye, and yet she remained my best cheerleader. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Callie. She is a champion for good, heartfelt writing and innately understands how to guide and improve a writer's creative process. - Lindsay, DIY Writing Intensive Participant


Callie Feyen lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Jesse, and their two daughters, Hadley and Harper. She is a contributing writer for Relief Journal, and Makes You Mom. Her writing has been featured in Altarwork, Good Letters, and Tweetspeak Poetry, and she is a LTYM DC 2014 cast member. Callie's first book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & Juliet, was published in February 2017.

You can read Callie's C+C essays here