Writing In The Margins Workshop

Writing In The Margins Workshop

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Let’s navigate what it looks like to write essays with confidence, courage, color, and clarity. How do we capture our memories and moments in the margins of motherhood? We’ll walk, step-by-step, through different freewriting and editing exercises to help you hone your voice, establish accountability, and weave a compelling short essay.

What can you expect during this workshop?

  • Four weeks of tried + true writing exercises to help you fight writer’s block and get the creative juices flowing for your micro-essays and micro-memoirs.

  • Four weeks of intentionally-crafted prompts for micro-essays. We will set accountability deadlines to make sure you set the timer and do the work!

  • Two rounds (one round of macro — big picture, and one round of micro — grammar/proofing) of editorial feedback for each essay. You’ll leave with four ready-to-go micro-essays!

  • Access to an interactive, intentional small writer’s workshop community and accountability group with other writers and Kayla.

  • Collaborative writing opportunities for brainstorming encouragement, and feedback. We’ll read aloud our pieces in a small, safe digital space. (By editing others’ work, you’ll become a stronger writer. Guaranteed.)

  • Content bundle to reference + save with tangible tips and takeaways for establishing good writing habits and routines in the midst of motherhood.

  • Sneak peek of upcoming Coffee + Crumbs freewrite prompts (and opportunity to be part of the collaborative planning process!)

    Dates: July 8-August 4

    Number of spots available: 8


As a magazine staff writer, newspaper reporter and journalist, and professional freelancer, Kayla Craig has spent more than thirteen years in the editorial realm. Now she's raising four young kids and writing in the margins, just like you.

Kayla serves as the Coffee + Crumbs Freewrite Editor, and can't wait to cheer you on with grace and hope as you refine your work and tell your stories. Whether your words are shared on Instagram, submitted for publication, or saved for a more in-depth essay down the road, Kayla will provide the accountability, experience, and encouragement you need to put pen to paper (or hand to cell-phone). You can read some of her micro-essays over on Instagram.