Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling Workshop

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This four-week course will focus on a specific type of creative nonfiction: the storytelling essay. At Coffee + Crumbs, we’re always asking ourselves (and our guest writers) one question—where’s the narrative? How does the piece move from point A to point B, and what does the writer make me feel along that journey?

Anna Jordan and Jennifer Batchelor will walk you through what this essay looks like when it’s executed well, how to mine your own experiences and memories for story fragments, and how to find the thread that ties seemingly disconnected stories into one cohesive piece.

What can you expect during this workshop?

  • Supplementary reading materials
  • Weekly lessons with writing prompts
  • In-workshop discussion board
  • Two interactive, instructor-led video chats with opportunity for Q+A
  • One micro-essay (300-400 words) and one final draft essay (1,000 -1,500 word) with peer and instructor edits and feedback.

Dates: September 5-September 30

Number of Spots Available: 12


Anna Jordan serves as the Coffee + Crumbs director of creativity. She is a writer, adjunct professor, and procrastinator of laundry living in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband Kiah and her three wild children. She attempts to maintain her sanity by reading, running, practicing yoga, and drinking too much coffee.

You can read Anna's C+C essays here.



Jennifer Batchelor serves as the Coffee + Crumbs director of content. She is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, wife of the most patient man ever, and a mom of two. She openly admits to being the messiest member of her household but makes up for it with baked goods. 

You can read Jennifer's C+C essays here.