Storytelling Workshop // Starts May 28, 2019

Storytelling Workshop // Starts May 28, 2019

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This four-week course will focus on a specific type of creative nonfiction: the storytelling essay. At Coffee + Crumbs, we’re always asking ourselves (and our guest writers) one question—where’s the narrative? How does the piece move from point A to point B, and what does the writer make me feel along that journey?

Jennifer Batchelor will walk you through what this essay looks like when it’s executed well, how to mine your own experiences and memories for story fragments, and how to find the thread that ties seemingly disconnected stories into one cohesive piece. You’ll explore what makes your writing voice unique, the difference between showing and telling with your writing, and how to process your emotions so that you can write with emotions, rather than from your emotions.

What can you expect during this workshop?

  • Weekly lessons with writing prompts

  • Supplementary reading materials

  • Two interactive, instructor-led video chats with opportunity for Q+A

  • Ongoing discussion via exclusive online platform

  • Two micro-essays (300-400 words) and one final draft essay (2,000 words max), each with peer and instructor edits and feedback.

Dates: Tuesday, May 28 - Monday, June 24

Number of Spots Available: 6

Week 1 (May 28 - June 3) - What Makes A Good Story? (Micro Essay No. 1)

Week 2 (June 4-10) - Let’s Keep It Interesting (Micro Essay No. 2)

Week 3 (June 11-17) - Find Your Theme + Emotional Resonance

Week 4 (June 18-24) - Who Tells Your Story? (Final Essay)

What women are saying about Jenn’s workshop:

"Jenn challenged me to be the writer I am—not the writer I sometimes settle to be." - Lacey S.

"The storytelling workshop helped me to see the writing process in a whole new way. The guidance and writing exercises helped me identify memories to write about, find connections among seemingly unrelated ideas, and weave my stories together to create powerful essays. But the best part was learning from the instructor—she is a master storyteller, and her coaching and feedback have changed the way I approach my own writing." - Brittany B.

"I registered for the storytelling workshop when I was 9 months pregnant as a promise to myself that I would still make space for myself in the midst of the transition. Interacting with my small group, reading great essays, and writing through some of my own stories turned out to be exactly the self-care I needed in the midst of newborn haze. 

Working with Jenn pushed me to examine my everyday moments from new angles. It was a redemptive reminder that stories are still all around us, even when life feels like a blur. I left the workshop with seeds for new essays, strategies to push my writing further, and thoughtful feedback on a piece that had been brewing in me for a while." - Adrienne G.

"I joined The Storytelling Workshop in hopes of gaining a few tips on how to tell a good story, but I gained so much more than that. This workshop affirmed me as true writer, pushed me to pay attention and find the stories all around me, and helped me find my voice." - Alicia V.

"I felt a bit hesitant to sign up for the Storytelling workshop, feeling a little out of place as a not-yet-mom in a group of mama writers, but I had a great experience and the curriculum was still totally relevant to me. The workshop was hard and made for some late nights and early mornings, but that was the reminder I needed: that good writing is the product of hard work. The exercises were challenging and inspiring and gave me new tools to use when I'm weaving stories together and processing different experiences. Most inspiring of all were the stories Jenn shared in the weekly lessons of her own experiences and challenges with writing. It's easy to think that good writers just sit down and the words flow, but it was encouraging to see that we all have to work through the tough parts to get a piece where we want it to be." - Laura L.

"I had such a great experience in the Storytelling workshop. The course materials were so thoughtfully put together with challenging assignments. Jenn pushed us hard to do the work of writing, and I came out the other side stronger and braver. This is not a workshop to take if you're expecting to write for a few minutes per week and get a pat on the head. It is for you if you're ready to put in the work, look deeply within yourself at your strengths and weaknesses, and take on constructive criticism." - Laura P.


Jennifer Batchelor serves as the Coffee + Crumbs director of content. She is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, wife of the most patient man ever, and a mom of two. She openly admits to being the messiest member of her household but makes up for it with baked goods. 

You can read Jennifer's C+C essays here.