Manuscript Content Edit: Round One

Manuscript Content Edit: Round One

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This is an in-depth developmental edit with two editors, Callie Feyen and Abbie Kriebs, who will provide comments and revision strategies for your completed manuscript. This listing is for people who have been working on their project for awhile and believe this is a complete story that needs a fresh set of eyes to take it from good to great. 

Upon purchase, participants would submit: 

  • A Writing Sample from the project (perhaps a chapter)

  • A Project Summary - What’s your goal with this book? What story do you think you are trying to tell? 

  • A Logline - The 2-3 sentence pitch on how you would sell your novel to an agent. 

  • Specific deadline to receive feedback by, if they have one in mind. We anticipate having a project like this finished between 4-6 weeks, but will work with the writer to set a date that is comfortable with everyone.

  • A double-spaced Google Doc, limit 300 pages.*  

What Callie & Abbie will do: 

  • We’ll copy + paste into NEW Google Doc for us to comment. We will share that later with the writer once all revisions have been suggested. 

  • We will take 4-6 weeks to read the manuscript individually and make comments. Then, the two of us will have a phone conference to discuss the books strengths, areas noted for growth, and specific revision ideas. We’ll prepare a written response for the writer, including possible resources to help them revise their manuscript, i.e. notes on how to incorporate more setting, how to improve dialogue, etc. 

  • Once we provide feedback to the writer, we will set a date 1-2 weeks out allowing them to receive and digest the feedback. We will then have a Zoom call with all three of us -- Callie, Abbie, writer -- to discuss any questions they might have after reading the revision statement. 

Depending on how extensive the revisions necessary are, we may suggest they make the revisions over however long they need to, and then book the Content Edit: Round Two offering to do a second round of revisions with us. This will be offered at a slight discount to account for the fact that we are already familiar with the material. 

If the first draft is really clean and only minor or non-substantiative edits are necessary, we might suggest that upon revision, they move to the Line Edit: Polish Your Manuscript offering where we help them polish their manuscript before sending it out. 

This content edit service does not guarantee acceptance by an agent or a publication agreement anywhere.

For manuscripts longer than 300 double spaced Google Doc pages, an additional $50 per 25 pages will be assessed.

Callie is the author of The Teacher Diaries: Romeo and Juliet, and Twirl: My Life in Stories, Writing & Clothes, both works of Creative Nonfiction. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University as well as a BA in Education from Calvin University. She loves working with new writers, helping them to uncover the stories that are emerging.

Abbie is a writer, photographer, and the host of two podcasts on creativity. She holds a BA in English Literature & History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A self-proclaimed grammar nerd, she loves diving into a story and pulling out what makes it great—and what could make it even better. She's currently at work on her first novel.