Mama Meets Change Workshop

Mama Meets Change Workshop

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This workshop will explore how we can use our words in the middle of the unexpected seasons of motherhood to heal, to educate others, and to tell our story bravely. Together we will:

*take an inventory of our own hearts so that we can name exactly where we are
*talk about tone, setting, and writing about unresolved conflict
*learn the difference between writing that "complains" and writing that tells an honest story

In this one month workshop you can expect:

*a weekly content bundle emailed to you every Monday morning
*to complete and get feedback on 3 micro-essays
*to complete and get feedback on one full essay
*to participate in two optional group video chats
*admission into an online small group: encouraging discussion, Q&A, connection/community, and support throughout the month

Dates: Monday April 2nd – Sunday, April 29th

Number of spots available: 6

Week 1 (April 2-8): Naming and Knowing – a week to reflect on our expectations of motherhood

Week 2 (April 9-15): Gathering and Growing –  a week to pay attention to our everyday lives, to notice what is worth celebrating, and to savor the details

Week 3 (April 16-22): Storytelling – a week to talk about the specifics of meaningful story telling

Week 4 (April 23-29): Meaning – a week to discover the reason we write honestly, why we “write where we are, right where we are.”


Katie Blackburn lives in a little corner of the Pacific Northwest and is a teacher, writer, dreamer, and reader.  She had three kids in three years, which makes her a tired mama saved by grace and cold brew coffee. She writes about motherhood, friendship, justice, community, and finding Jesus in all of it at Just Enough Brave.

You can read Katie's C+C essays here