Hobby, Mission, Vocation, Job? Workshop

Hobby, Mission, Vocation, Job? Workshop

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In this workshop we'll explore your reasons for writing in this season of your life, identify goals, discuss common fears, and how all of this helps you to know what (and how, and where, and sometimes even when) to write.

Together we will:

*spend time identifying personality traits, values, and the life experiences that make you uniquely qualified to write beyond the pages of your journal
*try different writing styles to solidify your authentic voice
*learn the difference between showing and telling a story using dialogue and scene
*address why we don’t write: those fears or excuses that keep us from doing what we love
*explore options for publication and advice on the submission process

In this one-month workshop, you can expect:

*four weekly lessons with writing prompts emailed to you on Tuesday mornings, starting May 1st
*a focused mission statement for your writing
*the option to participate in one small group (3 students: 1 instructor) video calls
*admission into an online small group: encouraging discussion, Q&A, connection/community, and support throughout the month
*full edits on up to two 800-1200 word essays

Week 1: Permission to Write
Week 2: Authenticity
Week 3: Pushing Past Fear
Week 4: Publishing, Goal Setting, and a little bit of Dreaming

Dates: May 1-31

Number of spots available: 6


Sonya Spillmann lives in the DC area with her husband and four kids. She's a critical care nurse by training and a writer at heart. She is a motherless mother who believes in the power of hard questions and honest answers. (She also believes in the power of red lipstick, a good laugh, and Jesus.) She started her blog, Spilling Over, after being cast in DC's LTYM 2015 show

You can read Sonya's C+C essays here