Editing Services by Callie Feyen

Editing Services by Callie Feyen

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“I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.”
― Flannery O'Connor

This service consists of two sessions. In the first session, Callie will line edit your essay or story (1,200 max word count). She will comment directly on the document, typically asking questions or making observations about the text.

Next, Callie will send a document addressing your work as a whole. You will receive responses to five questions:

  1. I think this piece is about ...

  2. One thing I love about this piece …

  3. One thing the piece made me feel …

  4. One thing the piece made me think …

  5. One question I have about the piece …

This type of feedback will allow writers to home in on small details as well as their story or essay as a whole, which will help crack open new ideas about where the piece might head from there.

In the second session, you send your revised essay or story to Callie, and she will comment again, as well as suggest places to consider submitting. In between Session One and Session Two, you can email Callie any questions or concerns you might have about your work.

"Callie thoughtfully went through my essay and asked me questions that helped me wrestle out the meaning behind what I wanted to say. She has an ear for what is memorable and helped me to draw it out." - Lorren Lemmons

"Callie is a phenomenal writer, but she is also a gifted editor and teacher. Her eye for mechanics, ear for language, and heart for story have helped shape some of my most vulnerable writing into pieces ready for publication. Callie asks questions that not only encourage me to take a close look at my words, but also an honest look at myself. Thanks to her wisdom and encouragement, I’ve grown both as a writer and as a woman." - Erin Curlett

"Callie’s love of and respect for the power of the written word and her heart for those who attempt to
wield it well are extraordinary. With her keen ear, she called forth from my pen what I knew but didn’t
know I needed to accomplish. Her honest encouragement gave me the perspective I needed to persist." - Lisa McGovern


Callie Feyen lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Jesse, and their two daughters, Hadley and Harper. She is a contributing writer for Relief Journal, and Makes You Mom. Her writing has been featured in Altarwork, Good Letters, and Tweetspeak Poetry, and she is a LTYM DC 2014 cast member. Callie's first book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & Juliet, was published in February 2017.

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