Advanced Storytelling Workshop // Starts August 11, 2019

Advanced Storytelling Workshop // Starts August 11, 2019

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In this six-week course, Callie Feyen and Jennifer Batchelor will dive into the deep end of the storytelling pool with lessons designed to elevate your writing and strengthen your voice. This course will be an “advanced” level in both content and pacing—participants should be veteran writers who can prioritize their participation in the workshop for the duration.

Participants are highly encouraged to bring one polished draft of an essay to the start of the workshop, plus an additional essay may be developed and edited during the course for a total of two final draft essays at the end of the six weeks. You will receive edits and feedback from both instructors.

Each instructor will host one “ask me anything”-style Zoom call and a Slack channel will be used for group communication during the course of the workshop.

Workshop Overview:
Week 1: Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
Week 2: Developing Character in Creative Nonfiction
Week 3: Choosing Details That Matter
Week 4: Writing with Urgency
Week 5: Providing Emotional Access Points
Week 6: Putting It All Together

Dates: August 11 - September 21
Number of Spots Available: 10

Callie Feyen lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Jesse, and their two daughters, Hadley and Harper. She is a contributing writer for Relief Journal, and Makes You Mom. Her writing has been featured in Altarwork, Good Letters, and Tweetspeak Poetry, and she is a LTYM DC 2014 cast member. Callie's first book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & Juliet, was published in February 2017 and her second book, Twirl: My Life With Stories, Writing & Clothes, was published in February 2019.

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Jennifer Batchelor is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, wife of the most patient man ever, and a mom of two. She openly admits to being the messiest member of her household but makes up for it with baked goods. She serves as the Coffee + Crumbs director of content and works as a freelance writer and consultant.

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