6 Creative Exercises to Try This Holiday

6 Creative Exercises to Try This Holiday

  1. Pretty Gift Wrapping -

    Surely I’m not the only one who thinks of wrapped presents as part of my Christmas decor, am I? In fact, I’m so into prettily wrapped gifts that I usually host a “wrapping party” in early December with my friends. I bust out all my wrapping paper, washi tape, twine, chocolate, mulled wine, and ask everyone to bring their gifts over after the kids have gone to bed. We wrap and chat in our pjs and it’s a perfectly cozy (and productive!) girls night in. Here are some of my favorite wrapping strategies:

  • Kraft paper with twine + greenery. Easy peasy. You can grab branches or leaves from your yard, or snip a little piece off your Christmas tree!

  • DIY kid art wrapping paper. Get a roll of kraft paper, a bin of markers, and let your kiddos go to town drawing Christmas trees or stars or whatever their little hearts desire. Grandparents in particular get a kick out of this.

  • Also a winner with the grandparents and husbands: wallet-size photos! I ordered these from mpix.com but you can also use promo code PRINTJOY at artifactuprising.com and get 25 square prints free, which would be adorable fastened to a wrapped gift.

2. Make a Time-lapse Video

Already decorated your tree? Try making a time-lapse of baking cookies, wrapping gifts, or your whole Christmas morning! Set your phone up on a stable surface (I just lean mine against a candle on a shelf), select “time-lapse” option on your camera, and forget it’s there.

If you don’t have an iPhone, here are the best time-lapse apps (for Android, too!).

3. Design a Christmas Shelfie

I’ve never had a mantle, is that odd? Every house I’ve lived in for the past 12 years (basically—all homes I’ve lived in as an adult) have been mantle-less. Solution: I design Christmas shelfies instead. Do you have a bookcase you can temporarily rearrange? Or a built-in shelf you can play with? Try grabbing some of your favorite holiday decor and styling a shelf from scratch. Things you can include: a nativity set, pine scented candles, greenery, little jars of cinnamon sticks, extra ornaments that stand up on their own, framed photos from past holidays.


4. Get Messy In The Kitchen

Between cookie exchanges and holiday parties, chances are you’re either attending or hosting a handful of events this month. December is a great time to crank up a festive playlist and brush up on your skills in the kitchen! Check out a few of these seasonal recipes from our very own Sarah Hauser:


For the party you’re hosting: Eggnog Latte Cocktail

download (1).jpeg

For the cookie exchange party: mix + match shortbread

5. Re-create a Christmas photo from years past

Along with birthdays, Christmas is a perfect time of the year to mark the growth of our families! Find a picture you took last Christmas and try to re-create it in the same spot. What’s different? What’s the same? If you don’t have a good picture from last Christmas, now is a perfect time to start a new tradition. In our house, in addition to snapping a pic in front of the Christmas tree, we always take pictures of the kids in their holiday jammies wearing Santa hats. It’s the one time a year we let them jump on our bed.


6. Make a beautiful holiday card display!

Our living room is a work in progress and we haven’t hung anything on the walls yet, so I’m thinking of using our blank canvas as a backdrop for a new card display! Top of my list: this DIY eucalyptus garland display.

Here are a few other cute ideas:

*Twine tree holiday card display

*Staircase garland display

*Wooden board display (this is more crafty than what I could pull off, but for those of you who know your way around a miter box and sandpaper, might be easy for you!)

*DIY holiday card mobile


Happy creating this month, ladies! If you make anything lovely, please share a picture in the Facebook group; we’d love to see!

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