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Elyse launched Bravery Mag.

Bravery Magazine is a quarterly print publication that features strong female role models. Each issue highlights a brave woman and teaches about her life and work in a fun, engaging way. Full of beautiful illustrations and playful, educational activities, Bravery Mag is the tool you can use to inspire your kids to dream, empower them to do, and help them discover how they can be their own kind of brave. 


Melissa photographed a dream wedding

Melissa photographs weddings all the time, but this wedding was extra special because Anna Ferris was the officiant. NBD. As a result, Melissa's stunning images were featured on People, Refinery 29, InStyle, Us Weekly, E! News, and more. 


Zoe created The Mama Book

The Mama Book is a year long promoted journal designed to give mamas some mental space in the midst of motherhood. With space to dream, plan and reflect in these busy days it’s a bit of breathing room for us all.


Kathryn was published at Holl & Lane Magazine Blog

I looked at the baby, an arm's length away from me in the room that was as dark as I could get it. The sheets I had tacked up over the windows let in too much light. We needed curtains, although they’d probably never be in the budget. Fog hung heavy in my head as I moved my eyes from the sheets back to the baby, screaming baby, as he struggled against his swing. I picked him up and started to walk back and forth on the pressed down carpet path in our room, again. It shouldn’t take an entire afternoon for a baby to fall asleep for the very nap they had been screaming for.


Lorren was published at Coffee + Crumbs

"My body was defective. The wonders of the human body were praised in blog posts and the doctor’s office, but mine had refused to birth or nourish. It also stubbornly clung to the forty pounds it had accumulated during pregnancy, an added insult. I’d always wished my body looked different—thinner arms, larger breasts, flatter stomach. But after giving birth, this dissatisfaction evolved into full-blown loathing. I felt cheated, left with a piece of faulty equipment."


Jacey was published at The Village Magazine

“Mom, what I go to therapy for?” I wasn't expecting this question so soon. For weeks, he has been asking if he is almost done, if today is his last day. It's been over a year of therapy two days a week with no end in sight. I tell him he still has a long road ahead of him, that I am so sorry but today is not the last day. I know he is tired of coming to this building two days a week, of working so hard and having to be so patient.

Baby Wraps

Dani launched Mama Zwazo in Haiti.

Mama Zwazo is a female-powered artisan collective working to reverse the effects of poverty on the Haitian family unit. They seek to renew hope, restore justice, and rebuild family through economic development, dignified employment, and safe community. Their first product line will launch in early 2018, featuring well crafted, soulful, handmade mama and baby goods.


Doña started the Nurturing Habit podcast!

Doña believes that nurturing yourself first is the best way to build more resilience and strength to do more of what you want to do in your life. Her podcast explores all the ways we can nurture ourselves better – through hard seasons, in parenting, in our creativity, and in our businesses and work. 


Brittany became a MOPS contributor.

"My mom always smelled faintly of Rapture perfume and Suave hairspray. When I close my eyes and try to conjure what it felt like for my five-year-old self to hug her, I can feel the soft knit of a worn-in cardigan, pilled from a few too many trips through the washing machine and not enough money to replace it. She bends down to my level, arms enveloping me, drawing me close without crushing me. She’s always said that her greatest fear is smothering me. Quite the opposite, her embrace is oxygen –necessary, life giving."


Heather started the Okayest Moms Blog

Heather joined forces with her BFF Brittany to launch Okayest Moms—another mom blog celebrating mediocrity. They believe motherhood looks different for every mother and that we're better when we stick together. 


Michelle was published at Coffee + Crumbs

"They say a baby can't save a marriage, but I know our son saved ours. His conception and birth were not random or coincidental. God knew my husband needed something else to fight for, that he needed a physical representation—in the form of an eight-pound baby boy—of the unconditional love that He has for him."


Alicia launched the Taking Route Podcast

The Taking Route Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring conversations about living abroad, expat to expat. Tune in to listen to Alicia + her team (and guests!) unpack what it means to fully take root while en route.  


Stephanie was published at Coffee + Crumbs

"In the middle of Easter dinner, we gave our inconsolable son to my mom and escaped into the fresh air, together and on our own, finally trusting that one of the many veteran mothers in the family could find a way to comfort him. I stopped pumping. My husband re-joined the gym. We sometimes broke the baby’s sleep routine. We bent some rules and broke others, but our fears never materialized. We were still good parents. Maybe better, for in caring for one another, we found ourselves again."


Jodie started Dwell

Dwell is a monthly women's event at Church of the City in NYC. We gather around themes like vulnerability, arming ourselves with Truth & tuning our ears to God's voice, identity, and creating a culture of women who honor one another and build each other up. Each event starts with an all-woman worship band, then goes into a time of teaching, followed by a panel of women from our church sharing their stories related to the monthly topic, and then ending with a few ways to respond and a time of fellowship. We gather with women of all different life stages and connect as daughters of God.